Every day

a perfect day

For each of our guests a perfect day means something different. But often it means starting it with a round of jogging on our beaches which stretch out for miles, followed by coffee and croissants near the “Torre de Guzman” where Conil’s diverse history comes alive.

Romans, Carthaginians, Visigoths, Byzantines, Vandals, Christians and Muslims have all left
their marks, not only in the architecture but also in the cuisine.

Tuna from the Almadraba is surely a culinary highlight and can be enjoyed in one of the excellent seafood restaurants, for example on the beach “La Fontanilla”, even outside the catching season in spring. After a generous meal on the seaside sun and beach will
beckon to spend the afternoon with long walks in the sand. More intimate moments can be found at the countless protected bays.

Your evening then might start at the Park Atalaya – the perfect place for a beautiful sundown. Afterwards you can stroll through the warm darkness of the streets of Conil to find numerous tapas bars and restaurants offering a wide range of food and drinks
to satisfy anybody’s needs.

The most beautiful bar in Conil however is called “La Tertulia”, opposite the hotel Casa Alborada. The perfect end to an eventful day to celebrate with new friends and party until daybreak.